Why should you Go Local?

Why should you Go Local?

Go Trade Local prides itself as being an online platform for customers to connect with their local Tool Hire, Builders Merchants and Skip Hire businesses. Likewise, the businesses, our partners, are engaging with customers right around the corner from the depot.

The ethos of Go Trade Local is however much more than simply finding the right product for you at the right price, it is also about supporting local, promoting local and being environmentally friendly at the same time. There are all kinds of reasons to support local and this isn’t confined to businesses within the construction industry. All aspects of trade can benefit from the support of a loyal and local customer base, but in turn, so too does the customer and wider community.

Supporting Local, Promoting Local:

From St. Andrews to St. Ives, wherever you are in the UK, GoTradeLocal.co.uk can help you to find and compare prices from trusted Tool & Plant Hire Depots,

Builders Merchants & Skip Hire companies local to you!

A high percentage of takings at a local or independent business finds its way back into the local economy elsewhere. There are all kinds of hypothetical scenarios based around an idea showing that when local traders earn money, then go and spend it elsewhere within the locality and money stays local going from A to B to C and so on. Along that line, local people are remaining employed and they in turn go on to spend a percentage of their earnings locally.

The knock-on effect of local shops being successful is that they are potentially generating employment opportunities for local people. This success can also have the ability to inspire local entrepreneurs and if they can see the potential of developing or growing a business, they are more likely to set one up locally and again, this all contributes to the health and success of the local economy.

By supporting local businesses, you are safeguarding the character and diversity of the local area. A High Street with a wide variety of shops and businesses collectively attracts more customers to an area and prevents local customers feeling the need to trade anywhere else if it’s readily available on their doorstep. The range of shops may also become a lifeline for local people who are not able to travel away from the community for whatever reason.

Dealing with a local business can also make the completion of a task more efficient, not only in the time it takes but also the impact it might have on your pocket. By using the model of Go Trade Local as an example, here are some benefits of using one of our partners:

  1. If you were needing to hire or buy a particular product, the chances are you can receive delivery of that item or collect itself, much quicker than simply contacting an out-of-town depot. You may be familiar with a large depot in your nearest town, but it might well be that that chain has a smaller outlet in your local village for instance.
  2. Hiring or buying local is much more beneficial to your local economy than buying the same product from an online retailer. A percentage of your money will ultimately end up being reinvested back into the local economy somewhere down the line. For instance, a successful local business will pay business rates to your local authority and in turn, they will reinvest that money into the infrastructure of your community. Fewer local businesses would potentially mean less money in the Council coffers to be spent on local residents.
  3. If you trade with a local business and for example, you hire or buy a power tool, not only could you collect the item quicker than if it was delivered from an online retailer, but you could have visited the depot in advance to discuss your requirements or even be shown what items are available. Likewise, if you encountered a problem with the item or needed further advice, you could simply return to the local businesses where you got it from.
  4. Dealing with local businesses will mean you are more than likely dealing with people who are also part of your community in their own right. They already have a vested interest in giving you a good deal and a good customer experience that will encourage you to return again and again. You will also see many stores develop their own character and rapport with customers as they get to know them personally and interact on a level that is more engaging and satisfying than somewhere else.
  5. Local doesn’t necessarily need to mean local to where you are living. It could also be implying local to your place of work for example. So, if you are a tradesperson and you are leaving home in Preston to go and work on a building site in Plymouth, it might be more beneficial to support a local business in Plymouth. The scenario could be that if you hire all the equipment you need for the job at hand, it might be a struggle to transport it all. However, by using Go Trade Local and sourcing a company local to your place of work, you have reduced the transportation issues and can work directly with a business close by where you are working. If there was an issue with an item you had hired from home, when working so far away, you wouldn’t be in the position to simply head around the corner to swap it for another version.

Improving the Environment:

By and large, using local businesses will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. With the increased awareness of climate change and its consequences, we are becoming ever so mindful of how to reduce harmful emissions. By trading locally, you are reducing your amount of travel and the carbon emissions from whatever vehicle you drive. Hand in hand with that, the more you can trade with local businesses, the less businesses in different locations you would need to travel too in order to gather the range of items for your job at hand. Having built up a rapport with your local businesses will also help you communicate directly with them to ascertain just what they have in stock and again, this will all help save time, money and wasted journeys.

Another benefit to trading locally than online for example is that the amount of packaging used is drastically reduced. How many times have we received an online item in a package five times its size!

Not only has the raw materials been used for the packaging but sometimes, the material used isn’t recyclable and if it is, the ownness is on the customer to recycle responsibly. Buying an item online requires extra packaging than it’s already in, takes time to arrive and creates a carbon footprint as it travels from store to mail depot, to local depot and so on.

If you can hire or buy your item locally after checking availability on Go Trade Local for example, you can obtain your item quicker, more efficiently, often cheaper and in a manner which is better not only for your community but also better for the environment overall.

We’ve made it our mission to ensure supporting local is an ethos we can all live by.

Go Trade Local team

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