Terms & Conditions

Whether you are a user or partner, we highly recommend reading through our terms and conditions so as you know how we operate and key points you should be aware of.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@gotradelocal.co.uk with the subject heading ‘Terms & Conditions’

1. Interpretation & Meaning

We want to make sure everything is clear and easy to understand and so we have included some of the key words we use in our terms and conditions and the meanings are listed for you below.

Go Trade Local (We / Us / Our): Referring to ourselves – the company as both Go Trade Local & Let’s Trade Local Limited. A limited company registered in England & Wales (12170961). Registered address is: Vanguard House Bradley Lane, Standish, Wigan, England, WN6 0XF.

Platform: Refers to our site: https://gotradelocal.co.uk

User: A person visiting our site to search for tradespeople, products and companies on our platform.

Partner: A person or business who has joined our platform and have access to certain areas of our site that are blocked off for others and have a listing on the site with a package attached.

Conditions: Referring to these terms and conditions. Keep in mind that these Conditions can change as our company develops. Should there be a change, you will be notified and the new details will apply from that point onwards.

Contract: Referring to the contract we have in place with you the partner. This contract is subject to the conditions included in this document.

Account: The package and listing you hold with us; advertising your business to our users and displaying you on our platform.

Content: The text in which you add to your listing, this can vary from which package you choose and which features are unlocked.

Writing / Written: This may not just mean printed paper versions but can also include emails, newsletters and other forms of electronic notifications which are sent to you.

Dashboard: The background information and content which is at the core of our platform. This is designed to be customisable for each listing allowing the partner to update their information, add in content and respond to enquiries.

Subscription / Fees: The amount you are charged for your package with us. When we change the cost of this, you will be notified in advance allowing you to adapt and change your listing, should you feel the need to. Any new costs will be brought in and effective from the date specified in the update notification which will be no less than 14 days from the day this is sent to you.

Intellectual Property Rights: Features which can be owned and controlled notwithstanding that may not be physical. This includes the likes of copyrights & trademarks. This term also includes applications for registered Intellectual Property Rights which are pending.

Listing / Package: The subscription option which you have chosen for your business. This includes the features which come with this. This is set up on a tier basis as Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Commencement Date: The date in which your listing is published and is then live on our platform.

Termination Date: The date in which your listing and contract is terminated, the physical listing may be removed after this at no extra cost.

Discount Club: At the time of these Go Trade Local – Terms & Conditions, the Discount Club is available to all partners subscribing to a Gold package. They receive a Discount Card and this entitles them to a number of discounts with various businesses and supporters of Go Trade Local.

2. Service

  1. Subject to your payment of the subscription which is set out in Section 1 of these Conditions, payment is set up using our designated Direct Debit payment provider unless agreed otherwise.
  2. You are legally capable of entering into a binding contract i.e. you’re 18 years of age or older and are not suffering from any condition which may affect decisions made in this agreement.
  3. You will use our site only for the purpose of using and accessing Services.
  4. We will provide the dashboard so you can access the features agreed in your chosen listing to you providing you have paid the fees when they were due.
  5. Should you wish to upgrade / downgrade your package, this can be done by emailing: info@gotradelocal.co.uk with the subject heading – (Company Name) – Listing. Once this has been approved by our team and set up, your subscription will change and the relevant features can then be accessed.

3. Subscriptions and Payments

  1. Our fees as set out in this contract are non-refundable and as mentioned in Section 2 Point 1, this shall be taken using our designated Direct Debit payment provider unless agreed otherwise and the payment shall be made in full at all times. This is to be taken for the upcoming period of time, usually a month in advance.
  2. Payment will be taken on the same calendar date each month from when the listing went live. This is in-keeping with the T&C’s of our Direct Debit partner.
  3. If you are looking to cancel your Direct Debit, please contact us so we can set this up for you. Cancelling the Direct Debit yourself does not constitute the account has been removed, this is only confirmed when the Go Trade Local team have been informed and have confirmed this back in writing with you.
  4. If you are unsatisfied with our services, we advise you to notify one of our team here at Go Trade Local as soon as possible.
  5. You and your business are liable for any of the fees charged to you by your bank for the transfer of funds to our Business bank account.
  6. We hold the rights to delete your account if you do not pay the fees as and when they are due to us. We may suspend the listing temporarily if the accounts payment is overdue, once settled, the listing can then be added to our site again and continue with the subscription. We are not obliged at any time to repay any portion of the amount you have paid in advance. In addition to this, we are also not obliged to reduce the fees chargeable for any period during which the account and listing have been suspended including but not limited to if a listing has been cancelled part way through the monthly subscription.
  7. Upon your request which must be made in writing, we provide any services that are not included within the subscription, this is then chargeable at our current rates and the cost of this will be collected within 14 days of an agreement being made, this includes but is not limited to social media posts tagging a business in, graphic design work and targeted advertising.
  8. If your account and contract have been terminated, we will attempt to collect any outstanding fees owed to us on the date of termination (or as soon as possible after this). If we are unable to do so, an invoice will be sent to you, which will be payable no later than 14 days from the date on the invoice. If you fail to make this payment, we may look to take this debt forwarded and seek additional ways to recover the debt. Should this be the case, any court, administrative and legal fees will be applied to your invoice. An interest rate of 8% will be added to your invoice on a daily basis until judgement is given based on the lending rates of the Bank of England, together with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. This will always be a final resort but as a business we must run as efficiently as possible and this overdue amount will be essential in our continued growth.
  9. If your business has registered for the ‘Discount Club’ then a PDF copy of the details will be emailed to you once your listing and payment details have. Should you provide a postal address, you will also receive the ‘Discount Card’ which can be used for in-store transactions. These discounts are ONLY valid during the period you and your business are registered on Go Trade Local and are subscribed to the Gold Package. Discounts are to be redeemed directly with the businesses themselves through the method of contact or by using the discount code given on the document. Discount codes may change at the discretion of either Go Trade Local or one of the Discount Club businesses who are supplying a discount. Should a code change, all companies and individuals who are entitled to redeem a discount will be notified of this. ID may be required for in-store purchases. We do not take commission or payment from any discount club transactions. Individual terms & conditions apply & membership verification may be required. These discount amounts can be changed at any time and will be effective immediately. Any changes will be sent in writing within 7 working days of this change coming into place.
  10. Discount Club cards are issued as one per business. Should you lose or damage a card, a single replacement card can be issued for you free of charge (per 12 month period). Any additional cards after this may face a small admin fee. This card is only to be used by the business who are on the Gold plan and should not be given to any parties who do not have an active gold membership on Go Trade Local. Should this happen and we are notified of this, your profile may be suspended whilst this is reviewed.
  11. Currently Go Trade Local is not VAT registered, should the time come when we the company are, this additional amount will be chargeable on top of your subscription rate.

4. Security of our Users & Partners

  1. The security of both our Users & Partners is of extreme importance to us and our platform. You, the business agree to take all necessary measures and implement these into your business in order to comply with our Privacy Policy and protect the data of our users at all costs.
  2. When communicating with our users directly, you must ensure that you have the appropriate security features in place to avoid the spread of Viruses and other Malware. Their details are not to be sold or passed on to another party under any circumstances.
  3. We as both a business and platform regularly check and update our platform to ensure that our risk to users is as minimal as possible and their information is kept safe and secure at all times.
  4. Should you set up your own account, it is important that you choose the login details which are both memorable to you but also strong enough to withstand cyber attack attempts in order for others to gain access to your account and dashboard.
  5. When we set an account up for you, a generic password will be attached to this account which you are able to change once you have logged in through the Profile section of your dashboard. As above, it is important to choose the login details which are both memorable to you but also strong enough to withstand cyber attack attempts in order for others to gain access to your account and dashboard.
  6. When communicating with users, it is important that you treat them with respect and care at all times. Any communication which we deem inappropriate or illegal will be reported to the relevant authorities and your account status put under review without notice. Note that all communication passed through our site can be monitored by our team at all times.
  7. Unless they agree to it in writing, our user’s details must not be added to any of your marketing material such as Newsletters and Mail Drops.
  8. If you become aware that any of our users are abusing our platform, please inform us of this immediately and our team will look into this.

5. Partners Responsibilities & Obligations

These points explain the various promises you make when agreeing to this contract with us and states your obligations when joining our platform.

  1. All communication with users will be of a professional and responsible manner, users have the ability to report you and your listings should they feel the need to.
  2. Once the prices and job has been agreed with the user you must ensure that the job is completed to their [‘the customers’] satisfaction, all processes of both your business and the transactions complying with health and safety regulations and are in order with all UK Laws.
  3. Let’s Trade Local Limited t/a Go Trade Local are not responsible for any of the costs involved in your transactions including refunds. This is the responsibility of you, the business and the user to come to an agreement.
  4. Should there be any issues and legal involvement including your business and one of our users, this is the responsibility of you the business and we aren’t liable for any payouts, fees, refunds or settlements.
  5. You the business will remove any trade categories, services and / or products from your listing that are no longer relevant to your organisation.
  6. It is the responsibility of the businesses to encourage honest reviews to be left, in order to leave a review, users must create an account so this can be verified and authenticated.
  7. We are in no way responsible for any inaccuracies on the Search page in respect to a location, this is synced with Google Maps API and any locations can be changed in your dashboard.
  8. The content in which you include onto your listing is not copyrighted to your business and we are able to share this in our own internal and external marketing with the aim of increasing your reach.
  9. Should the information on your listing need to be updated, this includes but is not limited to your contact number, email address, hours and location; this can all be edited and updated through your profile. Should you have any issues in doing this, please email us.
  10. . If you feel we are missing a trade category, service or product that you would like us to add to the platform, please contact us directly and we can review this.
  11. The content on your listing is liable to you, regardless of if this is posted by a third party and it is your responsibility to ensure this is as accurate as possible and doesn’t contain anything that can be deemed as offensive, abusive, false, deliberately misleading, or illegal. As soon as this is reported to us and we are made aware of this, your account may be immediately suspended whilst we investigate this further. We hold the rights at all times to delete your account without notice but will try to come to an agreement as and when we see fit.

6. Data Holding & Processing

  1. Our system & approach to the processing of personal data for both our users and partners relating to the points set out in our Privacy Policy explaining that the security of data is of paramount importance to our platform.
  2. As a Platform we:
    • Process the Personal Data from users who submit a Request Prices Form and supply this to you following their agreement for this information to be passed on. This information must only be used for the sole purpose of quoting and completing the transaction and not to be used for other purposes.
    • Do not disclose the Personal Data or other information supplied by you and our users to any third party organisations other than by the request of the individual/business or as required by law.
    • Maintain suitable back-up facilities and network security processes for the Personal Data provided to us.

7. Terms & Account Suspensions / Terminations

  1. This contract will begin on the Commencement Date as set by Go Trade Local and will continue to run indefinitely until terminated in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.
  2. Bookings are to be paid on a monthly basis via our agreed Direct Debit partner unless agreed otherwise. Payments taken validate your subscription for the coming period.
  3. You may terminate the Contract and your booking at any time. You will remain liable for any and all sums which are due before, or after the confirmed date of termination and will have 14 days to clear the amount owed before this debt is potentially taken further.
  4. We may terminate the contract and remove your listing from our platform if you are unable to pay your or you become insolvent.
  5. Should any of these Terms & Conditions be breached, Go Trade Local holds the rights to terminate the contract with immediate effect. You will remain liable for any and all sums which are due before, or after the confirmed date of termination and will have 14 days to clear the amount owed before this debt is potentially taken further.
  6. Suspensions and / or terminations can occur should any of the points in including but not limited to just section 5 are breached.

8. Our Warranties and Undertakings

  1. We warrant that the package in which you have selected includes the features laid out in the package and will be accessible for you to use.
  2. If you find any elements of our platform that are not working correctly, please contact us as soon as possible at: info@gotradelocal.co.uk with the subject heading: URGENT – Functionality Error. Please be sure to include a screenshot or video of this if possible to help our team in rectifying this issue. Once this has been reviewed, this issue will then be worked on and correct as soon as possible.

9. Liabilities

  1. Go Trade Local (Let’s Trade Local Limited) acts as an online advertising portal and does not directly or indirectly provide a service, hire, sell or own any of the products listed on the site www.gotradelocal.co.uk and thus are in no way involved in the physical transaction between the business and the customer.
  2. We use our own skill and experience in advising you as to what products and services may be best for the users but in no way are experts in this and rely on your expertise to guide them to the best solution making them aware of any additional extras they may need at the time of dealing with an enquiry.
  3. Go Trade Local does not offer any warranties as to the suitability, honesty or capability of any user when they are visiting our site and therefore we cannot guarantee that the user when contacting you will proceed with the order at any stage of the transaction.
  4. Our liability in respect of all claims, losses or damages made by both partners and users shall in no way be settled by us. Any issues and legal battles must be settled with each other and Go Trade Local isn’t liable for any payouts whatsoever.
  5. We are not liable for any loss or damages; or any loss of profits and turnover. Your reputation and business opportunities are set by you and it is your responsibility to uphold these.
  6. Go Trade Local cannot guarantee results or manipulate the look of one listing compared to another to increase the visibility of this including but not limited to a sponsored advert placement.
  7. Nothing in these Conditions shall act or be construed so as to act in any way to limit our liability for:
    1. death or personal injury caused by our negligence, or the negligence of our employees, agents or partners (as applicable); or
    2. Fraudulent misrepresentation by us or our employees.
  8. It is you, the businesses responsibility to ensure all products and services you offer meet the current health and safety regulations and you have the relevant insurance and legal cover in place should any issues arise.

10. General

  1. We treat all of the content you send to us and/or have included in your account that you do not want making public are highly confidential. This includes legal information and payment methods.
  2. We will not be liable to you and your business for our failure to deliver the features of your package for any reason that is beyond our reasonable control. It is your responsibility to keep this updated and respond to our users request in a timely manner.
  3. You permit us to use screenshots of your listing and map location for Marketing and Promotional purposes, we may also approach you for testimonials to help develop our brand.
  4. You will ensure that when setting up and using our platform, you (and those acting on your behalf whether that be internal employees accessing the site or third parties doing this for you) will comply with all applicable UK laws and regulations. We will not be liable should or those mentioned above acting on your behalf fail, whether directly or indirectly, deliberately or accidentally, comply with the laws and regulations and you will compensate us for any loss or expense we incur as a result of dealing with any investigations, claims or other regulatory or civil action that occurs as a result of that failure and your actions.
  5. You, the customer and we, Go Trade Local are independent businesses and in no way are we operating in partnership. We may use the term partner frequently in our marketing but this is simply to promote a community feel and that we are all in this together. This can be likened to joining the ‘Go Trade family’.
  6. A ‘Price Request’ that is sent to you doesn’t constitute the work is confirmed or a guaranteed transaction.
  7. Should the website go under essential maintenance for a period longer than 24 hours, companies registered with Go Trade Local will be notified in advance of this. No refunds are to be given out during this time as the development work is to maintain Go Trade Local as a popular platform that can be accessible throughout the UK and will always be updated with our customers and users best interests in mind.
  8. There may be rare occasions when the law requires information that we give you or communications you wish to send us have to be in writing. Should this be the case, we will use the address registered to your account as a postal address unless advised otherwise. Please ensure all written postal correspondence that is being sent to us is posted to the address at the top of these Go Trade Local – Terms & Conditions. Please allow us up to seven days to receive this once you deem this should have been delivered.
  9. You and your business recognise that your breach (or threatened breach) of these Conditions may cause irreparable and lasting harm to us and our organisation and that in such a situation, we are entitled to seek legal assistance and an injunction in preventing that breach and stopping this from arising in the future.
  10. The Contract between us Go Trade Local and you the business/partner incorporates these Terms & Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy, which together constitutes the entire agreement and that all points are clearly read through and understood. Failure to do so may result in complications for you and your business. You agree that in entering into the contract, you do not have any issues with any of the points raised in both documents and agree to all it all. Should you breach any of our terms & conditions or go against our Policy, we Go Trade Local have full rights to exercise whichever course of action we feel best and will advise you in due course as to what steps we are taking.
  11. These conditions and the Contract you enter into is governed by the UK law’s and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Last updated 07.01.2021